It all seems so innocuous. A friend of a friend takes care of all those parking tickets you’ve let mount up. One of your suppliers invites you to a skybox for the game and endless food and drinks. A local …..

Economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is brilliant. I’m not sure how correct he is all the time. But he writes that he pretty much always is so who am I to question? But question I must, if …..

I’m not very enamored with the Iran deal. It is almost too much to accept emotionally when you think of Iran imprisoning¬†¬†Americans, wanting Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth and sponsoring terrorists who kill Americans and …..

Presidential candidates should probably never talk foreign policy. Candidates speak in soundbites and foreign policy is simply too complex. Likewise, it’s easy to talk before you’re sitting in the Oval Office having to make life and death decisions. Campaign rhetoric …..

It is difficult to judge if the world has entered an especially dangerous era compared to other times of crisis. We Americans are largely untouched by the horrors of conflicts that play out every day across the world and we …..

Stating the obvious, I realize that no American president can come to the rescue of all troubled spots in the world. Even good acts can suffer the law of unintended consequences. And many times the best a president can do …..