Ok, what am I missing? The country has massive unemployment. More than half the states are showing increased cases of Covid-19. Many states that seemingly opened too early are now considering going back to tighter restrictions. And even when these …..

As the economy continues to slow, the massive cash giveaway (“tax cuts”) to the wealthiest Americans has been exposed as the sugar high it always was. (Does this administration get anything right?) The absurd reasoning behind this cash giveaway is …..

For mere mortals – aka the multitudes who trudge to work, trying to make a buck to pay the rent or mortgage, maybe save some money for the future – debt has real consequences. If you have too much of …..

Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard, died today at the age of 89. Bogle, with his profound and yet simple approach to investing, changed the world for the better by democratizing the markets. He did this with a concept called indexing, …..

As we begin the new year and witness the first major volley in 2020 presidential politics with Elizabeth Warren beginning her run (spoiler alert: in the summer of 2020 she’ll be an asterisk), it is difficult to imagine a scenario …..

Before the great recession hit, Jim Cramer of CNBC was enthusiastically extolling the virtues of being hyper-bullish on the stock market. Oh, well. Shortly after this the stock market tanked, real estate tanked and unemployment soared. There was very real …..

I remember my first credit card. I was 23. I was making very little money, driving a Nissan Sentra with a ton of miles on it and absolutely no frills — no air conditioning, no carpeting, not even a radio …..

Way back in the day it was the once unthinkable break-up of the Bell System . The company had become so dominant it was deemed necessary to break it up. But the Bell System had virtually no personal information on its customers. Fast forward to …..