If you’ve gotten this far into planet olios, chances are it has somehow engaged you. We’re genuinely appreciative of this. We’re very small, so we try to pick our spots in order to maintain some semblance of quality and to provide a consistent voice. In short, we try to avoid the clutter and the noise of the endless media cacophony by providing a perspective based on information and journalism we feel is credible. No doubt, being human, there are times when our self-righteousness creates unforced errors in judgment. But we fully accept and embrace that this is a complex world where simple black and white answers are likely wrong. This reminds us that humility and civility are virtues.

We have a deep respect for true journalism. We also are concerned by the proliferation of “news” that is skewed, superficial and sensationalistic. This type of news seems to parallel foods with empty calories.

On a more uplifting note, planet olios celebrates the good, the hopeful, the ethical, the courageous, insights, compassion, nature and the arts.

And so this, in part, is what planet olios is about or at least what we try to be about. We hope it resonates with you.