We Lost the Battle for the Republican Party’s Soul Long AgoOnly fear will motivate the party to change — the cold fear only defeat can bring.By Stuart StevensMr. Stevens is a Republican political consultant.July 29, 2020After Mitt Romney lost the …..

Biased liberals have consistently found fault with Chief Justice John Roberts, since he doesn’t rubber stamp their “progressive” goals. This group of liberals includes some so-called journalists supposedly reporting on the Supreme Court, but in reality are endlessly opining on …..

Joe Biden has the heaviest of weights in that he just has to beat Trump. Period. Therefore, his running mate just has to be the one that can maximize the vote for the ticket, while also being ready on Day …..

Ok, what am I missing? The country has massive unemployment. More than half the states are showing increased cases of Covid-19. Many states that seemingly opened too early are now considering going back to tighter restrictions. And even when these …..

A few years back the GOP ran up the deficit with a huge cash giveaway to corporations and the 1%, this during a time of a healthy economy over which Obama had presided and handed off to Trump. Whenever the …..

CNN was an incredible idea from the singular Ted Turner. He and the network were light years ahead of other news organizations. I remember in the pre-internet age when you could flip on CNN anytime of the day and watch …..