As the Republicans conduct a sham trial, there is no more blue sky hope for any of the party’s senators. The majority of the country wants something that, I guess, is radical for the GOP…witnesses in a trial. Think about …..

My earliest recollection of magic was as a child at Christmas. As much as I loved the expectation of what I was going to receive in gifts (likely more than the reality), what I liked even more was the magic, …..

Moral relativism has taken control in this country. Moral relativism is anti-American, to say nothing of being immoral and unethical, …..

Cadet Bone Spurs found a way through his “bone spurs” many years ago to escape military duty. I don’t blame him for being scared; it’s a natural emotion when you might be placed in harm’s way. But his lack of …..

On the surface, it seems we should feel better that the petulant criminal child in the White House is being rebuffed in states that once voted heavily in his favor. I’m talking about the recent governor races in Kentucky and …..

Sometimes it can be a somewhat daunting task to embrace the day with a look at the news. It’s especially been like this since a certain November day in 2016 when the bankruptcy expert was crushed by 3,000,000 in the …..

“In the Land of Self-Defeat,” is a telling narrative of a rural community in Arkansas that is likely not that dissimilar from other eroding rural communities in America. The author, Monica Potts, a native of the Arkansas community about which she writes, connects the dots …..