For mere mortals – aka the multitudes who trudge to work, trying to make a buck to pay the rent or mortgage, maybe save some money for the future – debt has real consequences. If you have too much of …..


It’s been a dispiriting week. Two seemingly unrelated issues have exposed even further the erosion of not just American principles but the very belief that they matter …..

Maximum Security was undefeated going into the Kentucky Derby Saturday. As far as he’s concerned , he still is. And don’t think horses don’t know when they beat other horses. But, somehow, the stewards, the cops who officiate horse racing, …..

The life expectancy of a man in the United States is between 76 and 77 years. The rate of dementia doubles every five years upon reaching the age of 65. Most staggering is that between the ages of 80 and 85, …..

Last week I went to a solemn mass, one in which the story of Jesus being crucified is laid out in agonizing detail, from his best of friends and supporters denying they even knew him to the excruciating physical pain …..

My Democrat friends think of me as Republican and my Republican friends think I’m a Democrat. Maybe that’s because I’m neither. Why would anyone be so tunnel-visioned and myopic? Let’s begin with the weighty topic of the all-powerful having the …..